What Is The Ideal Lighting For Reading Environment?

Taking advantage of natural light to read a good novel or even to study is ideal when it comes to visual comfort.

However, depending on the time available to perform these activities, or even the climatic conditions, it is almost impossible not to use artificial reading lamp for bed in order to improve reading light.

However, it is no use lighting the environment with any reachargeable book light. In fact, a balance has to be struck, since both very strong light and very weak light damage our eyes.


Follow and see which lamps and fixtures you should choose!

As shown above, for visual comfort, a balance in brightness is required. Small, Rechargeable, Eye Friendy Book Light with 3 Light Colors and 9 Brightness Levels brings the effect of natural light so as not to force the vision.

There are a variety of bulbs on the market. You should choose the one that provides adequate book light that fits your purpose.

In the case of reading, you need concentration, right? So the ideal is the cold white reading lamp for bed that stimulate the attention, unlike the yellow ones, that allow the relaxation and can leave the reader with sleep.

Which LED lamp is better: a floor lamp, a table lamp or a spot lamp? Everything will depend on your environment and your furniture. A study desk asks for a table lamp, where you can direct the light to your books and notebooks.

The important thing is to do a lighting design according to the size of the environment. You should install the light spots avoiding shadows in the reading places, as this also gets in the way.

Care must be taken to choose the illumination for reading. However, with a suitable lamp, light and light intensity, you can get through the studies without tiring.